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Who is John Safin?

John Safin offers expertise in management, marketing, event planning, and public relations. His experience includes business operations, maximizing profits, recruiting, motivation, and training in a variety of industries.

He speaks on several subjects including marketing, business efficiency, and people management. John has provided counsel and coaching to many business owners and professionals throughout the United States.

John is an accomplished author and editor. He writes non-fiction, fiction, humor, and political rantings plus acted as ghost and speech writer for top business leaders. In addition to his writing talents, John creates promotional materials, graphic and web site designs.

Originally from Upstate New York, he moved to Arizona in 1991. John earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from State University of New York at Oswego, a Broadcasting Degree, and several professional certifications. His current activities include Business Mentor for Accíon New Mexico-Arizona-Colorado, freelance writer, and consultant.

Areas of expertise include:    
     Marketing Business Development Communications / PR
     Business Plan Creation Creating Budgets/Managing P&Ls Recruiting
     Training Media Affairs Event Planning

"John uses his experience, creative sense, and keen ability to predict outcomes to shape organizations to be fun, engaging and worthwhile."

"John delivers strong results, interfaces really well with all stakeholders, and he anticipates and adapts strategically to changes in the marketplace."

"Even if he has not been involved in what you do, he is still able to come up with a plan, a strategy, or goals for what it is you do."

"He also is extremely caring and will always put forth great effort to help bring to light valuable strategies to enhance connections and profitability for businesses."

"When it comes to attention to detail, covering all the bases, and listening to the needs of people requesting assistance, John Safin is the quintessential professional."

"Understanding the point of view of the people with whom he was consulting made his approach more complete, and would serve to achieve the buy-in necessary for businesses to make changes where necessary."

"John was very people-oriented, and this was conveyed by his networking prowess and open lines of communication throughout the business community."

"His professionalism works well for any enterprise."


Sonoran Mirage: An Anthology from the Writers Round Table Phoenix

John was a contributing writer and cover art designer

Sonoran Mirage: An Anthology from the Writers Round Table of Phoenix






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